Grace students

sunday nights 6:30-8:30 // Students 6-12 Grade

We spend time each week playing games, hanging out, studying God's Word, and discussing relevant topics with students our own age.

When you show up the music will be pumping, students will be playing games like ping pong and hantis, and many of us will just be hanging out. There's no required dress code but we do expect modest and non-explicit clothes. We start the night with a large group game that is either inside or outside depending on the weather. Then we come in for a Bible study (the most important thing we do). After the Bible study we split into our age and gender specific Breakout Groups to discuss how the Bible applies to us and how we can personally put it into practice. All this followed by some more hangout time until it gets too late and we kick you out!

Our Student Ministry provides a safe environment that helps students study and interact with God's Word, seek God's will for their lives, build meaningful relationships with students their age, and develop into life-long followers of Jesus.